From Hero To Zero
This is the TRUE story of Capt. Rod Lovell and the successful ditching of DC-3, VH-EDC into Botany Bay (Sydney, Australia) on 24th April 1994.

A recap of the story courtesy on Weekend Sunrise


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Our DC3 is "Echo Delta Charlie" (EDC)
Ditching transcript here
     Ditching audio
Timeline (elapsed time of recording):
01:45 Take-off clearance
 2:30  We lift off and immediately Cathay 101 is cleared to land
 2:56  "Ah...negative we've got ..just shut down the left engine..."
 3:30  I advise tower we are going to ditch
 3:42  The horn is blaring as the flaps are lowered without the landing gear being down and locked.
 3:48  Fire bell activated as we are in the water and the electric shorted out.
 4:06 I order "just get everybody out".
 Radio Interview with Alan Jones 2GB (Sydney), 23 Aug 1994
 Radio Interview with Alan Jones @GB (Sydney) 1995